1. Applicaiton Form CMV 4-A  available in the office/download from website.

2. IDP Fee of Rs. 500/- (to be payable at Cash Counter)

3. Original Valid Driving Licence + Passport + Visa + Air Ticket ( with one set xerox copies) 

4. Medical Certificate in form CMV 1 & CMV 1A shall be enclosed along with the application.

5. Three Recent passport size photographs.

6. Candidate shall appear in person.

7. The applicant should be citizen of India. 

8. Applicant shall appear for re-test if the Driving Licence issued is within three months.

9. The address in the Driving licence should fall under the jurisdiction of the Regional Transport office to where the      application for IDP is being made.

Validity and Delivery of I.D.P.:

Validity of the IDP will be for one year or till the validity of the driving licence which ever occurs first. 

SPECIAL NOTE : In case of driving licence belonging to other regions/state , the applicant should apply and obtain change of address in the driving licence. In case of licence issued by other regions within karnataka state the time required for change of address is three days, and in case of driving licence issued by other states the time required is 21 days. Therefore the applicant keeping the time required in mind, should plan well in advance while making an application for IDP.

For more information please contact PRO/ARTO/RTO.