The following are the details for obtaining the Temporary Registration Carriage under the KMV/CMV Act, from the Road Transport Authority.


Procedure for obtaining the temporary registration:


Application & Documents required:


1.     Application from KMV 18

2.     Sate certificate in CMV 21

3.     Insurance certificate


Fees & Tax payable:


1.     Fee Rs.25/- (to pay at RTO cash counter)

2.     Tax for a period not exceeding 30 days for:                                        Rs.

a.     Motor Cycles/Three Wheeled vehicles                                 100/-

b.     Light Motor vehicles other than 3 wheeled                            200/-

c.     Medium Passenger/Goods vehicles                                     400/-

d.     Heavy Passenger/Goods Vehicles                                       600/-

e.     Chassis to which body has not been attached                      500/-

f.      Any other vehicles                                                              300/-


Validity of Temporary Registration:


Temporary registration issued in KMV 19 is valid for a period not exceeding one month, unless extended under the provision to sub-section (2) of section 43 of the Act.


For further information please contact concerned P.R.O. / R.T.O.