Alteration /Conversion:

Any alteration in respect of the vehicle, which changes or modifies the particulars noted in the certificate of registration, shall not be done without the prior permission of the registering authority. (Sec 52 Mv Act).

To obtain prior permission of the Registering Authority for the proposed alteration, an application shall be made in form 29 KMV along with Registration certificate, Insurance, Emission certificate, consent letter of the financier for the proposed alteration if the vehicle is covered by HPA/Lease agreement.

The fee for alteration is Rs. 50/-

After verification of the application, permission will be granted.

Altertion can be effected after the permission is granted.

The vehicle has to produced before the Inspecting Authority for inspection.

After the inspection, if the alteration effected is complied with Motor Vehicles Act and Rules made thereunder and on the remarks of Inspecting Authority, the alteration will be noted in the RC book.

Consequent on alteration, the difference of tax shall be paid by the registered owner.

Special Note :

Chassis alteration:

If the chassis is damaged due to accident, the old chassis has to be inspected by the Inspector of Motor vehicles and a report on the condition of the chassis has to be obtained. On the report of the Inspector that, the old chassis is damaged beyond repairs and is unsuitable for use, permission to alter the chassis will be granted and a new chassis number will be allotted. This new number has to be punched on the chassis and produced for inspection. After inspection, the new chassis number will be recorded in the registration certificate and records..

Fitment of LPG kits :

LPG kits have to be purchased and fitted to the vehicles from authorised manufacturers/dealers approved by the Transport Commissioner. Only such applications will be considered for alteration.


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